Your chance to win for christmas

You can win money for christmas

How to participate:

It's easy! Any member can participate!
You simply need to shorten urls with ads and share them around.
For every LEGIT click to your links, you get one more chance to win! 

3 winners:

  1. interactive connection 10$  Marcobtc
  2. html cleaner 5$  Yourpartnerthomas
  3. Word to html 2$


Winners will be randomly selected on December 25th 2019.
Share as much as you can on Youtube, Reddit, Twitter and other plateform.
More LEGIT clicks you get, more change you get to win.

Winners will be contacted by email and username will be posted here.
If you win, you can use the money to promote your site on VKLINKS and get many people visiting it.
You can get paid with Paypal or Cryptocurrency! 

Please note that short links with ads CANNOT BE SHARED ON FACEBOOK!
You cannot click your own links!
Doing so will result in a permanent ban from VKLINKS!
No second chance!

You must also keep your links with clicks and not delete them if you want these clicks to count.

Don't forget to share your referral link to your friends and tell them about the contest.
Everytime they share a link and get clicks to it, you earn extra money!
Note; Your referral link can be share on Facebook.


Published on: 11/16/19, 2:38 AM