How to share links

Is it easy to earn money sharing links online?

This is maybe a question you are wondering...
Sharing link online and successfully earn money from them may be harder for some people.
A lot of people think it's simple as saying 1,2,3... But the reality is different.

Let's start with the main reason people have a hard time getting people to click their links.
A lot of people simply grab random links over internet, shorten them and share them thinking this will generate some good money... The fact is, if you share stuff trough a paying url shortener, you have to make sure you are sharing some good quality content.
People won't click if you share bad quality stuff. You also need to share your links in multiple platform.
On of the platform that can help you to get a lot of clicks is Youtube!
Youtube can generate a lot of paying clicks if you create good video content.
You can also send Solo ads to people and explain how amazing your opportunity is and get them to want more info by clicking your link.
Everything is possible, but, keep in mind that nothing is free... If you want to earn money, you have to put a minimum of efforts.

What do you mean by good quality content and videos?
When sharing a paying short link online, you have to select some content that people will want to click.
Something you can share and won't have to ask people to click... Something that people will click by themselves.
People are attracted by curiosity also. You can use a website that has a catchy image or description and share it online.
An example of a way you can use Youtube to get clicks.
Talk about car parts and explain stuff about them and put a paying short link in the description for those who want to buy this specific part.

The example was about car, but it can be used with any niche!

How to maximize your earnings from each click.
To maximize your earning when sharing paying short link, you have to target country like Canada, United States and United Kingdom.
These countries will make you earn much more than if you get clicks from the rest of the world.

Hope this information will help you. Feel free to comment if you have questions or need more information.
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Published on: 10/16/18, 5:57 PM