On this blog we'll try to answer as many question as possible.
When we will receive questions, we will put them here with the answer.
To avoid having to answer the same question once again.

Note. Please send your questions directly to the Contact Us section on the main page.

Question 1:

Q: Can I use the service for free?

A: Yes you can. If you want more tools and options you can upgrade your account.


Q: What are the payment options?

A: We accept Bitcoin, Stipe (Credit Card).


Q: Can I get a refund?

A: No, we do no refund payments. In some situations we can credit the account.


Q: Can I use my earning to buy ad campaign?

A: Yes, when you have $1 you can withdrawl to our website wallet and use the money to advertise with ad campaign.
Note. Once the money have been withdrawl to the website wallet, it cannot be withdrawl outside of the wesbite.


Q: How can I withdrawl using XOOM?

A: Please fill up your complete your profile and once you request a withdrawl we'll tell you where you can pick your money in your area. 
Note. Please note that $4.99 from your total of minimum of $15 will be deduced from your total as service fees from XOOM plateform.


Q: Can I modify my campaign once I submit it?

A: Yes, simply contact us to support@vklinks.com and we'll assist you in making the changes to your campaign.


Q: How can I withdrawl using ORU?

A: Please give us your ORU informations. 
Note. You must be a member of ORU to receive payments to your ORU VISA CARD. To register click HERE.



Q: How can I pay using ORU?

A: Please give us your ORU informations. 
Note. You must be a member of ORU to make a payments to our ORU ACCOUNT. To register click HERE.
Please register at vklinks, login and contact us to to know where to transfer the money to purchase a campaign, to once you are an ORU MEMBER.



Q: What is ORU?

A: More information about ORU can be found here

Published on: 7/14/18, 2:41 AM